Cherry tress in High Park

Welcome to the YCC323 activities and update page. New activities, revised information and other items of note will be briefly highlighted on this page. If applicable, we will indicate a link to obtain additional details on the topic. You might also wish to visit the quarterly communique What's Happening.

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I am responsible for what I say, I am not responsible for what you understand.

I called an old MIT classmate and asked what he was doing. He replied that he was working on "Aqua- thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminum and steel under a constrained environment." I was impressed... until .... I learned that he was washing dishes with hot water under his wife's supervision.

For Ward 13 updates please visit our City Councillor's website

Sarah Doucette won’t seek re-election in 25-ward council

What's Happening -September 2018

High Park Zoo - Zoo Keepers perspective Urban Blog

Two-Tower Grenadier Square on the Rise North of High Park - Click below for more information

Viewpoint50 - Year in Review 2017

Energy Committee Update: Information brochure

Health and Safety Committee: - Updated Contact Listing now available

Of General Interest

Condominium Living Handbook - updated May, 2016


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