50 Quebec Avenue


York Condominium Corporation 323

50 Quebec Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

M6P 4B4




Corporate By-Laws:

The Corporation's By-laws are available for reading or printing as PDF documents. Each By-Law has been scanned individually. Clicking on the appropriate number below will access the corresponding document.


By-Law No 1 & 2

Replaced by By-Law No 6

Insurance Trust Agreement/Management Agreement(repealed October 2013 (see By-law 12)

Easements and Licenses Agreement  (with respect to shared facilities)

Land Lease Agreement (with respect to tennis court on City of Toronto land)[Repealed October, 2012]
Duties of the Corporation (repealed October 2013 (see By-law 12)
Sublease Agreement (with respect to "parking lot")[Repealed October, 2012]
Standard Unit
Extended Damage Recovery/Insurance deductible
Mediation and Arbritation Procedures
Amended Easement Agreement
Duties of the Corporation
Electronic messaging
YCC323 and YCC435 Indenture (Re: By-Law 11)


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