50 Quebec Avenue


York Condominium Corporation 323

50 Quebec Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

M6P 4B4




Note: This committee is no longer active. Upgrades to the entry lobby no longer require periodical reviews.

Lobby Decoration Committee:





1.  The function of the Lobby Decoration Committee is to ensure that the front lobby presents a welcoming and upscale appearance for the building.

2.  The committee shall consist of a minimum of one and a maximum of five members, including a Chairperson, all appointed by the Board.

3.  The Board may, at its discretion, assign one director to have primary contact with the


4.  The Chairperson will report regularly to the Board on the activities of the committee and, when appropriate, will present to the Board any formal projects and recommendations or general concepts that the committee may develop.

5.  Annually, prior  to  the  establishment  of  the  corporation's  fiscal  year's  budget, the

committee will prepare recommendations to the Board of Directors for expenditures for maintaining tasteful lobby decorations.

6.  The lobby area is defmed as including decorations for the front lobby but not including

the live trees.

7.  In order to perform the foregoing functions, the individual members of the committee may necessarily have some contact and discussion with the Property Manager, but the primary responsibility for such contact will lie with the Chairperson.  The Property Manager retains the direct management responsibility for all work contracted on behalf of the corporation.

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