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Recreation Facilities ~ General Rules

Rules for the Recreational Facilities
Tennis Court Area
Swimming Pool Area
(Amended March, 2012)

The Rules relate to the “Recreational Facilities”, and specifically the Swimming Pool, the Tennis Courts and the adjacent easement areas, for the common use of the Residents of YCC323 and YCC435 and their guests. ┬áProvincial and municipal legislation shall take precedence over all By-laws and Rules.


Joint Recreation Facilities

All Residents and their guests must abide by the Rules and all procedures related to the Recreational Facilities.  The Board of Directors of High Park Green shall have the right to cancel or suspend the rights of any person to use the Recreational Facilities for misuse of the facilities, improper conduct in the Recreational Facilities or for any reason deemed adequate in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of High Park Green.

Definitions for the purposes of these Rules are as follows:


Use of the Recreational Facilities is at the user’s own risk.  HPGR shall not be liable for any accident and/or injury however caused.

Any damage caused to the Recreational Facilities or to any equipment by a Resident or by the Resident’s guest shall be the responsibility of the Resident.  The cost of repairing any such damage or replacing any such equipment shall be charged against the Resident’s unit.

It is the responsibility of all users of the Recreational Facilities to keep the pool, tennis courts and surrounding areas clean and tidy, and to show respect for all property.  Proper attire, language and behaviour are expected at all times from any person using the recreational facilities.

Cycling, skateboarding, roller-skating, in-line skating, ball playing, frisbee playing or similar activities are prohibited on the Recreational Facilities.  Use of the tennis courts is restricted to the playing of tennis.

Access to the Swimming Pool and/or Tennis Courts is by authorized fob access only and this access must be obtained from the Resident’s respective Property Management Office. 

Residents must have authorized fobs in their possession and they must be shown on request to an employee or an agent of either condominium corporation, YCC 323 or YCC 435, when using the Recreational Facilities.  Fobs must not be passed on to non-Residents.

Alcoholic beverages and glass containers are not permitted anywhere on the Recreational Facilities and adjacent easement areas.

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