50 Quebec Avenue


York Condominium Corporation 323

50 Quebec Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

M6P 4B4




Recreation Facilities ~ Swimming Pool

In addition to The Ontario Health Protection Promotion Act – Regulation 565, the following Rules will apply:

  1. When a Lifeguard supervises the pool, the user shall abide by the Lifeguard’s direction at all times.
  2. Swimming hours shall be as designated by the HPGR from time to time.
  3. An adult must accompany children of twelve (12) years of age and under when using the pool.
  4. Residents must carry authorized fobs and show them to the Lifeguard upon request when using the pool or deck area.
  5. There can be a maximum of 4 guests per unit at one time when using the pool deck and/or pool.  A Resident must always be in attendance with guests who are using the pool deck and/or pool.
  6. Sunbathing is restricted to the pool deck and the areas immediately adjacent to the pool which are included in the easement. No sunbathing is permitted within the black line area on the pool deck; this area is for the exclusive use of bathers.
  7. The Ontario Regulation 565 17. (2) designates the maximum number of people permitted on the pool deck area and in the pool.  These rules are posted on the pool deck.
  8. Footwear must be worn to the pool and removed prior to crossing the black line area by the pool.
  9. Proper swimming or street attire must be worn when on the pool deck area and proper swimming attire must be worn within the black line area and in the pool. Young children who are not toilet trained shall wear specialized leak-proof plastic diapers in the pool.
  10. No jumping or diving into the pool or roughhouse play in the pool is permitted. No running, roughhouse play or ball playing is permitted on the pool deck.
  11. The use of aquatic toys and equipment is permitted at the discretion of the Lifeguard on duty.
  12. No pets, smoking, food, alcoholic beverages or glass containers are permitted on the pool deck or in the pool.


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