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Recreation Facilities ~ Tennis Courts


Only tennis may be played on the Tennis Courts and only tennis balls and tennis racquets may be used on the courts. Other sports equipment such as bicycles and hockey equipment are not permitted on the courts.

9  Access to the courts is by authorized fob access only and this access must be obtained   from the Resident’s respective Property Management Office.

The playing period on each court is sixty (60) minutes.


The courts will be open at scheduled times each day. Special tennis events, such as Round Robin play, may be scheduled at designated times as approved by HPGR.


Tennis play covers both individual and multiple players.


The playing period on the South Court ends on the hour and the playing period on the North Court ends on the half-hour.


Whether or not they have played for a full sixty (60) minutes, players must vacate a court at the end of the court’s playing period if someone else is waiting to play.


At least one individual playing on a court must be a Resident. A Resident must accompany non-residents using the courts at all times.


No advance bookings are permitted. If one court is vacant when players arrive to play, and one court is occupied, players should take the vacant court. If they prefer to play on the occupied court, they must wait until the end of that court’s playing period.


Proper footwear which will not mark or damage the court surface and appropriate attire, including tops, must be worn at all times when using the Tennis Courts.


No smoking, food, alcoholic beverages or glass containers are permitted on the Tennis Courts.


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