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Exterior Building Enclosure Project

Introduction - Extract from President's Report in Viewpoint50

I know there are questions about the status of the Windows Project.  Not surprisingly, it is taking its due course with the usual eye-openers and delays common to any undertaking of this size and complexity.  Our engineering company has been busy scouring our building; checking and analyzing the status of our building envelope e.g. windows, doors, panel walls and concrete walls.  As usual, the first interim report revealed some unexpected positive and not so positive revelations requiring additional research and analysis.  The following summary is very preliminary and bound to change without notice and therefore is to be taken with a good sized grain of salt.  We will publish the final report on our website or you can pick it up at the office.  We also will conduct information sessions for the owners and residents to present the project.  Here’s a brief summary of what we were told:


As this project progresses, information and/or references will be made available on this page.

Project Initiation Announcement

Information Session - September 12, 2013

The report from our consulting engineers is available for review. Please click on the following link.

Halsall Study

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