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Health and Safety Committee ~ Information Material:

The committee has prepared various information circulars for your use. Please click on the form or forms you would like to review. You may print these if you wish a hard copy.

The committee would encourage residents to contact the committee if they feel new information circulars are needed.



Directory Of Services for Seniors and Caregivers - Reference Manual (added March, 2022)


Get Emergency Ready - City of Toronto Emergency Management (added August, 2015)

Emergency Evacuation Assistance Request

Fire Safety Plans

50 Quebec Ave Fire Safty Plan - detailed report (October 2021)

Kitchen Dryer Vent

72-Hour Self-Sufficiency

Fire Safety

Safety and Security

Dealing With Household Pests

What To Do If You Fall

Our Family's Health and Contact Information

Community Resource Booklet note added November, 2016

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors By Seniors

Tips For Protecting Personal Information (added November, 2016)

Toronto Police Services and EMS Toronto Information Booklet


AED Training  Defibrillator Detailed Instructions(PDF) (written instructions)

CPR Training       First Aid http://www.heartrescuenow.com/



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